About Me

My name is Eric Voss welcome to my blog, this is a health, dietary and nutrition blog. Created in May 2013, the site aims to bring food lovers together on topical topics – in order to learn the basics of nutrition in a fun and accessible way for all. I want to prove that you can eat healthy while having fun!

The originality of the site resides in the offbeat and humorous tone approached in the subjects that seem to attract a mainly young audience. All the same, the site is aimed at a broad target by addressing topics in a language that is simple and understandable to all.

I’m also crazy foodie with a double degree in Dietetics and a Business School, born of a nursing mom convinced that food is our first medicine and a bookseller dad who instilled in her his passion for writing.

Following a student lifestyle filled with stress and junk food, I decided to say goodbye to my unbalanced student diet and resume a healthier lifestyle.

But having tired many diets and dietary restrictions, I decided to launch a blog to live up to my expectations, namely a blog where the pleasure of eating would be at the heart of food. The goal at this moment? to share my findings and my quest for healthy eating with all those who want to regain their confidence in a healthy and active way.

I had no idea then of the adventure that was waiting for me! And yet, my life has totally changed since. Food has become a real passion, and soon, what should be a simple personal blog becomes a “real webzine” with no less than 300 000 unique visitors per month (January 2018). In 2015, the site was qualified in the Top 10 Blogs in the category. In 2016, I made a wonderful trip, the “Gluten-free Tour of Italy”, in partnership with the brand Schär, to prove that it is possible to overcome any intolerance, any food constraint, without hindering its pleasure! I also had the honour to accompany the Direct Energy team of a toor!

This success pushes me to leave the world of marketing in 2014 to flourish in dietetics. I thus find myself at school to deepen my passion and solidify my achievements:  which led me to obtain in 2017 the diploma of Dietician-Nutritionist recognized by the State.

Today, the blog continues to show that a healthy diet can be greedy and simple! The site team now has volunteer dieticians who validate the quality of information circulating on the site and bring their medical experience….