Does Quick Weight loss last?

In the race for losing weight, we sometimes forget that losing more than 5 kilos has consequences on health. A very important weight loss and too fast can indeed have serious repercussions on the body, which are not necessarily seen from the outside.

Losing weight too quickly destabilizes the body, which then puts all its forces to fight against this difficulty and draws on its reserves, greatly reducing its capital form.

Result? Big fatigue that can be truly disabling for everyday life. Worse, not eating enough (and correctly) can lead to hypoglycaemia, a sudden drop in blood sugar, which can cause discomfort sometimes accompanied by a loss of consciousness.

A diet that allows you to lose a lot of weight in a short time necessarily imposes many deprivations. This will cause great frustrations that will affect your daily mood. At the beginning of your diet, you will be motivated by weight loss but you may quickly get bored. You’ll have to resist snacking, you’ll be hungry all day and most importantly, it will be difficult for you to share your meals with family and friends. Your entire social life will be disrupted. Wanting to lose weight quickly at any cost can also lead to eating disorders.

The Phenomenon of Oxidative Stress

Weight Loss in every diet or lifestyle change creates stress that destabilizes the body. But during periods of a strict diet, you are towards a true auto-intoxication that you can face if the nutritional contributions are poorly adapted. “A strong oxidative stress is responsible for a discharge of free radicals in every cell of the body. An additional intake of antioxidants and a rebalancing protein / fat / sugar so quickly become necessary. Especially if patients who deprive themselves are not medically followed and make poor choices to lose weight quickly “.

This oxidation of the cells is harmful. It creates premature aging of the epidermis, but also causes an imbalance of intestinal flora and a multitude of exchanges and functions of the body.

Muscle Loss

Ideally during a low-calorie diet, we try to preserve the muscles and promote the loss of fat. But you must know that the body will first spontaneously draw in the muscle and then in the fat.

So, to avoid losing too much muscle, it is often advisable to include a lot of protein in your diet. What is less known is that the type and quality of proteins are essential to preserve muscle mass. “You have to compensate with proteins but for this to work, you have to consume high biological value proteins with essential amino acids. Without it, patients not only see their muscles melt they become brittle and less toned. And as long as they do more much sport as is often the case, they are also subject to a disease dangerous, sarcopenia.

This disease creates a modification of the muscular tissue and a reduction of the number of muscular fibres resulting in a loss of strength and a major functional repercussion. Deregulation of protein synthesis is then comparable to the effect of actual anorexia or malnutrition on the body.

The yoyo effect. It is impossible to talk about express diet without mentioning the yoyo effect, because they often go hand in hand! Unfortunately, when the diet is too fast, there is certainly weight gain, but especially weight recovery in 80% of cases. Why ? Simply because our body, traumatized by the drastic restrictions imposed on it brutally, will store as fat all the calories ingested as soon as we resume a normal diet. It’s like if our body was on guard and did not spend all the energy, in anticipation of an upcoming restriction.

Weight recovery and obesity. The rapid weight loss of express diets does not only expose us to the yoyo effect. To avoid spoiling, with this kind of diet, we often pick up more pounds than we had lost. The icing on the cake: as our body gets used to these disturbances quickly, the more we try more diets it is difficult to lose weight. These quick diets that we see in magazines cause excess weight, and also favor obesity.

Safe Weight Loss Solutions

First of all, do not put yourself in danger by trying to lose too much weight, too quickly. “The only patients who can calmly lose 30 kilos in a year are those who have a gastric ring and are followed medically and psychologically. Think only to lose 10 kilos in a month as I sometimes hear are reckless as to achieve its goal, the patient will inevitably expose himself to health problems in the more or less long term “he says.

If you are considering a loss of more than 7 or 8 pounds, first consult a nutritionist who will advise you. Then, it is important to choose your food and go to those who are rich in Omega 3, lactobacilli (good for intestinal flora) and organic products. Not to mention a course of antioxidant food supplements.

Losing weight leads to a lot of sacrifices, that’s for sure. But diets should not put your health at risk or have a big impact on your life in general. Lose weight fast is therefore strongly discouraged, you will get more sustainable results by taking good habits based on a balanced diet, healthy, and varied.